Catering Website Redesign


About The Company

Catering & Snack Pekanbaru is a food venture that was established in 2008. Today, Catering & Snack Panam Pekanbaru has evolved into a leading ‘Ghost Kitchen’ in Pekanbaru. Initially, Catering & Snack began its journey in Duri, Riau. As time passed, Catering & Snack relocated all of its catering business units to the city of Pekanbaru, Riau.

Catering & Snack Pekanbaru is a culinary service provider with over 13 years of experience in Pekanbaru and Duri, Riau. We have served numerous customers for various occasions, including wedding receptions, birthdays, meetings, lunches, and other events. Catering & Snack Pekanbaru is committed to delivering the best service to all our customers. The fusion of flavors and presentation is our service standard. The taste of our food is the hallmark of Catering & Snack Pekanbaru, ensuring that any type of celebration becomes a memorable and impressive experience.


The Goal

To enhance the quality and appeal of the catering website, I have formulated several goals that will be the main focus in the redesign process. Here are some steps I have planned to achieve these objectives:

  1. Appealing Visual Design: Creating an attractive and aesthetic appearance that can capture visitors’ attention, enhance trust, and appear more professional.

  2. Improved User Experience: Enhancing the user experience with easy navigation, fast loading times, and good accessibility.

  3. Presenting an Appetizing Menu: Ensuring that the menu and catering dishes look appealing and appetizing.

  4. Easy Ordering and Contact: Simplifying the process for visitors to place catering orders or get in touch with the company.


Old Design

When I explored the existing website, I found several aspects that require more attention, such as the use of color composition, layout, and typography hierarchy that are not optimal. In my opinion, the website’s appearance also seems outdated; therefore, I attempted to redesign it to make it more appealing. In the food menu and services section, I also noticed the absence of images and call-to-action (CTA) buttons, making it challenging for users to visualize the offered meals. Additionally, some pages lack images, resulting in a less engaging reading experience. View the website here.



After conducting my analysis, the next step is to create sketches that will later be transformed into high-fidelity designs. These sketches serve the primary purpose of helping me understand the requirements and layout of the design as desired by the client. By involving the client in this process, we can collaboratively design an interface that effectively meets their expectations and needs. From these sketches, we will be able to develop a more detailed and comprehensive design, ensuring that the final result aligns with the project’s vision and goals.


Style Guide

In design, a style guide is essential to ensure that the color composition adheres to its rules. On this website, I adopted colors as per the client’s request, which are red and green, with a white background to create a more minimalist appearance. This style guide aids in maintaining consistency and brand identity across all design elements. I also used the Lexend Deca font type to achieve a modern, bold, yet not rigid look.


Install WordPress with LocalWP

For this project, I used LocalWP to install WordPress because it is easier, faster, and more efficient.


The Final Result

A. Home Page

B. Menu Page

C. Services Page

D. About Us Page

E. Location Page